Complex Technology Solutions Made Simple
Complex Technology Solutions Made Simple

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Product Manufacturing

E4D Technologies specializes in designing and manufacturing technology. Our team is driven by a commitment to revolutionize the future technology experience globally and bring new ideas to life, with a customer-centric philosophy at our core. We’re branching out to new customers that have an idea for technology innovation and need manufacturing to bring it into reality.

The E4D Customer Experience

We provide our customers with the creative freedom to create their product, not our idea of the product. Our team is always available to help with direction, but we understand that the product is yours. We can customize our core technology to fit your specifications, or we can start from scratch and make a product that is unique to you. The choice is yours.

Manufacturing Technology Experience

Our team’s combined experience only adds to our passion for driving innovation in the past, present and future technology.


  • Engineering Design – 24 Years
  • Mechanical Engineering – 29 Years
  • Optical Engineering – 30 Years
  • Electrical Engineering – 120 Years
  • Software Engineering – 207 Years


  • Materials Engineering – 15 Years
  • Manufacturing Technology – 70 Years
  • Quality Engineering – 37 Years
  • Regulatory – 50 Years
  • Human Resources – 37 Years

Global Regulations Experience

Every country has a different regulations process and perspective on product value based on their needs. It takes a deep understanding of their regulations and culture to get approved for business. Our team is fully-versed in selling products internationally and expediting the regulatory approval process to enhance business opportunities around the world.

Where We’re Certified

  • EU(Medical device directive)
  • ISO 13485
  • Brazil(INMETRO)
  • Korea(Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)
  • New Zealand(Medsafe)
  • South Africa(South African Health Product Regulatory Agency)
  • Thailand(Thailand Food Drug Agency)
  • Singapore(Health Science Authority)
  • Australia(Therapeutic Goods Administration)
  • Japan(Pharmaceutical Medical Device Agency)
  • Canada(Health Canada)
  • US (Food and Drug Administration)
  • Taiwan (TFDA)
  • Mexico (COFEPRIS)
  • UL
  • CE